Canada’s trucking hub is praising the goods movement industry for keeping the economy moving during Covid-19.

“Goods movement and trucking professionals have played a significant role in supporting the people of Ontario through the pandemic,” said Nando Iannicca, chairman of the Peel Regional Council.

“In these uncertain times, you have done an excellent job of managing the crisis while staying safe. On behalf of the Peel Regional Council, I thank you,” he said in a statement issued Tuesday.

Iannicca also said that the province’s timely action in lifting delivery restrictions and allowing all businesses to deliver goods any time of the day had enabled a consistent movement of essential goods and supplies throughout the pandemic.

Peel Region
Every day, 68,000 vehicles transport goods over Peel roads. Photo: Region of Peel

Economic engine

The trucking industry is the economic engine of Peel, comprising Brampton, Mississauga and the Town of Caledon.

Every day, 68,000 vehicles transport goods over Peel roads. And every day, goods worth $1.8 billion move to, through, and from Peel, according to the region.

In addition, four in every nine jobs depend upon the movements of goods.

Because of the crucial role the industry plays in the economy, it has set up the Region of Peel Goods Movement Task Force, which promotes the efficient goods movement across the region.

The task force is made up of members from a number of trucking, logistics companies as well as government and business organizations.

Source: Region of Peel

Peel has also created a short-term Goods Movement Strategic Plan, and is finalizing a Goods Movement Long-Term Plan that the region says will guide the future of goods movement in Peel to 2041.

SOURCE: Truck News

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