EDMONTON, Alta. – A one-of-a-kind Truck-Thru coffee shop created by Fountain Tire is popping up across Western Canada, to serve truck drivers via its truck-sized drive-thru.

The Truck-Thru stopped at Rosenau Transport last week, to thank truck drivers for their service during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Canada’s transport industry has worked hard these past few months to deliver essential goods across the country,” said Nelson Tonn, vice -president sales and mine service at Fountain Tire. “We’re on this road together with commercial and fleet customers across Western Canada and wanted to say thank-you to a longstanding partner that has worked tirelessly during – and before – the pandemic.”

Ken Rosenau, president of Rosenau Transport, added “Fountain Tire’s Truck-Thru has been a terrific way to recognize the commitment our drivers make every day. As a company that prides itself on service, it’s important for Rosenau to be aligned with partners who understand our needs, our drivers’ and our customers’ needs.” 

The Fountain Tire Truck-Thru was launched in 2018 to recognize how downtime can have a major bearing on a company’s bottom line. It is a lighthearted way to demonstrate that small actions – such as getting a coffee from the convenience of the cab – can have a large impact for transport and delivery vehicles.

The Fountain Tire Truck-Thru will be popping up at locations across Western Canada throughout 2020.

(Photo: Fountain Tire)

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