VICTORIA, B.C. – The Province of B.C. has enacted new measures for anyone entering the province, regardless of their point of entry, with the exception of commercial drivers unless they are or become symptomatic of Covid-19.

Commercial drivers will, however, like anyone entering the province, have to complete, file, and have an approved plan for 14-days of isolation, but will be exempt from following through with the plan unless they are showing coronavirus symptoms.

The regulation states the following for commercial drivers in the course of their employment: “If a commercial driver arrives at a major land border crossing and is symptomatic, and needs additional supports to execute a self-isolation plan, they will be sent directly home to start self-isolating and will be followed up with by officials for additional support. If a commercial driver arrives at a major land border crossing and is symptomatic and does not have a self-isolation plan, or is unable to safely carry one out as determined by officials, they may be transported or sent to an accommodation provided by government where they can safely complete their 14-day self-isolation.”

The new measures apply to anyone who has been outside of Canada, and must be complete every time they enter into B.C.

The B.C. Trucking Association is strongly recommending all carriers to provide their drivers with blank copies of the document to self-isolate to avoid issues when crossing back into the province from the U.S.

Provincial officials will be on hand at major land crossings and the Vancouver International Airport to ensure self-isolation plans are complete.

A copy of the self-isolation document can be found here: https://forms2.gov.bc.ca/forms/content?id=CCC62AAE7A084A608D8D1BA07165C307.


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